Best Propeller Offerings in the World

When it comes to propeller technology, only Mercury Marine knows what it takes to make the best prop.

  • Mercury is the world's largest manufacturer of propellers, turning out thousands of world-class products for more than 70 years.
  • Mercury has over 500 unique propellers to fine tune the performance of your engine for Top Speed, Towing Power or Optimal Fuel Economy at Cruise

X7 Alloy

A revolutionary new alloy from Mercury that shatters the rules of propeller design.

  • 30-percent stronger than conventional stainless steel
  • Four times more durable than conventional stainless steel
  • Allows prop designs that are impossible with conventional stainless steel.

Performance Vent System (PVS)

The Performance Vent System is an EXCLUSIVE Mercury innovation that allows you to "custom tune" the venting of your propeller blades - giving you the power to adjust your propeller to the way you boat.

Flo-Torg II Hub System

The Flo-Torq II Hub System is more flexible than competitive hub systems and thus minimizes stress on the engines, engine drive and propeller when the engine is shifted into gear.
When large underwater obstruction are encountered, the Delrin sleeve of the Flo-Torq II System is designed to "break away" following impact, ensuring that damage to the engine, engine drive and propeller is kept to a minimum. Competing hub systems take longer to break away after impact, increasing the risk of major damage to both the engine and the drive.

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